Can You Own 100% Property In Dubai?

Can You Own 100% Property In Dubai?

Have you ever considered investing in Dubai’s real estate market but are uncertain about aspects such as complete ownership possibilities as a foreigner?

As one of the fastest-growing markets globally, owning property in Dubai can be quite lucrative. Collaborating with professionals specialized in facilitating property transactions, providing market insights, and navigating through the investment process is essential to effectively tap into the opportunities that the city’s dynamic real estate environment presents for potential investors.

Armed with expert guidance, your investment journey in Dubai’s real estate can be strategically navigated and optimized.

This comprehensive guide will answer that burning question “Can you own 100% property in Dubai?” and walk you through understanding local regulations, investment options and other requirements necessary for foreigners to get full ownership.

Ready to dive into the exciting world of Dubai real estate? Let’s go!

Key Takeaways

  • Dubai offers foreigners the opportunity to own 100% property through freehold ownership in designated areas and setting up a holding company for business.
  • Freehold ownership allows total control and rights over the property, without any local sponsorship or partnership interference.
  • Foreigners interested in starting a business can have full foreign ownership and make all decisions regarding their investment without restrictions.
  • Setting up a holding company is an option for owning 100% property in Dubai, providing complete control and full ownership without involving a local sponsor or partner.

Understanding Property Ownership for Foreigners in Dubai

Foreigners in Dubai have the opportunity to own property through freehold ownership in designated areas or by setting up a holding company for 100% foreign ownership.

It’s also crucial to have insights into the long-term implications and subsequent procedures following the expiration of an extensive period lease in the city.

Having a well-rounded understanding of these aspects is vital for prospective investors and property holders to make informed decisions, ensuring a robust investment strategy in the dynamic real estate landscape of Dubai.

Freehold Ownership in Designated Areas

In designated areas of Dubai, foreigners get the privilege to enjoy freehold ownership. These zones, specifically outlined by the government for foreign investors, allow you total control and rights over the property.

You can sell, lease or reside in your property without any local sponsorship or partnership interference. Ranging from luxurious residential apartments to commercial properties like offices and retail shops, a variety of real estate options are available for purchase within these regions.

The most popular freehold locations include Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Jumeirah Lakes Towers among others.

100% Foreign Ownership for Business

Foreigners interested in starting a business in Dubai have the advantage of being able to own 100% of their ventures. Unlike other countries where local sponsors or partners are required, Dubai allows full foreign ownership for various commercial and industrial activities.

This gives buyers more control over their business operations and allows them to make all the decisions regarding their investment without any restrictions. Whether it is a company in the free zones or one registered outside these areas, foreigners can explore numerous opportunities for 100% foreign ownership in Dubai’s thriving business landscape.

How to Own 100% Property in Dubai

To own 100% property in Dubai, one option is to set up a holding company, which allows full ownership for non-UAE nationals. Additionally, foreigners can invest in designated zones and take advantage of tax benefits and visa requirements specific to those areas.

Setting up a Holding Company

To own 100% property in Dubai as a foreigner, setting up a holding company is one option to consider. By establishing a holding company, you can hold the ownership of the property through the company’s name.

This allows you to have complete control and full ownership of the property without any local sponsor or partner involved. Setting up a holding company requires following certain legal procedures and fulfilling specific requirements set by the authorities.

It is important to seek professional advice and assistance from experts who specialize in helping foreigners navigate through this process smoothly.

In doing so, understanding the risk factors and evaluating the stability of the market in terms of legal safeguards and return on investments are key considerations in real estate investment decision-making.

By tapping into expert advice, investors can gauge the overall safety and viability of injecting capital into Dubai’s real estate market, ensuring that the investment journey is not only smooth but also secure and profitable.

Investment Options for Property Ownership

Foreigners looking to own property in Dubai have several investment options available to them. One option is setting up a holding company, which allows for 100% foreign ownership and control over the property.

This can prove especially advantageous for individuals keen on long-term investments or commercial activities. Another option is investing in free zones, where foreigners are allowed full ownership of properties within designated areas.

These free zones cater specifically to certain industries such as technology, media, healthcare, and finance. By exploring these investment options, buyers can find a suitable approach for owning property in Dubai that aligns with their needs and objectives without any limitations on foreign ownership.

Taxation and Visa Requirements

Foreigners who own property in Dubai are subject to certain taxation and visa requirements. When it comes to taxes, the government of Dubai has implemented a Value Added Tax (VAT) system that applies to various goods and services, including real estate transactions.

As a property owner, you may be required to pay VAT on purchases related to your property, such as maintenance fees or leasing contracts.

In terms of visas, owning property in Dubai does not automatically grant you residency rights. However, if you meet certain criteria and invest a specific amount in real estate, you can apply for a residence visa or investor visa.

This allows you to stay in the country for an extended period and enjoy benefits like access to healthcare and education.


Yes, it is possible for foreigners to own 100% property in Dubai. By setting up a holding company or investing through certain channels, individuals can enjoy full ownership rights and control over their properties.

It’s important, however, to consider the taxation and visa requirements that come with owning property in Dubai as a foreigner.

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